Have you been feeling sick lately? With all of the illnesses surrounding us this year, it’s not surprising for you to have been sick once or twice already this season. Getting sick can disrupt your busy life, so it is important to know what you have so you can seek the proper treatment and get back on track! If you suspect an infection, it is important to be seen by a medical provider for an accurate diagnosis. Read on →

If you are fighting off an illness, you might be experiencing a fever as one of your symptoms. Sometimes the reading on the thermometer is your only indication, and other times, you can feel really sick from it. The silver lining is that if you have a fever, chances are that it is your body’s way of fighting off your illness. Not all fevers need to be treated with medication or interventions, so read on from our AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail team to learn more about fevers below. Read on →

As parents, we understand the importance of keeping our kids healthy all year long. Especially during the winter season when there is illness all around us! Keeping your kids healthy includes getting an annual flu shot. Read on from our AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail to learn why children need flu shots every year. Who Is Eligible for the Flu Shot? Anyone who is age 6 months or older and is not allergic to its ingredients is able to get the flu shot. Read on →

At some point during your life, you are almost guaranteed to have a headache. They can be caused by so many different things that it is one of the most common ailments for adults. Thankfully, most headache causes are minor and can be remedied with either water, rest or some OTC pain relief. In rare cases, a headache could be an indication of an emerging medical emergency that requires immediate attention. Read on →

As the weather gets colder, there is a lot to look forward to. The onset of the holiday season and the promise of a new year can be really exciting! However, this time of year also means the arrival of cold, flu and RSV season. RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, can be scary to think about as new parents, as it can be a really dangerous or even deadly virus if your baby or infant contracts it. Read on →

If you have ever had a bacterial infection like pneumonia or strep throat, you have probably had antibiotics before! Antibiotics are one of the most reliable treatments against bacterial infections. When you are feeling ill, seeking relief is usually your No. 1 priority, so it is important to know what you are suffering from to get the proper treatment! If you are wondering if a course of antibiotics is right for you, check out our latest blog from our team at AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail below. Read on →

Whenever you don’t feel well, it can be hard to keep moving through your day like nothing is wrong. When you have vertigo, that can make it even harder since it feels like your world is shifting around you. Vertigo is more than just a quick bout of dizziness. Your entire world seems to shift and move before your eyes, and it throws your entire equilibrium off. It can make it really hard to move your head or bend over without experiencing that sickening shifting sensation. Read on →

Back pain can happen in children just like it can in adults. It is not uncommon for children to complain of pain, back spasms or leg pain from time to time. And sometimes, it may be due to sciatica. Often misdiagnosed in children, sciatica can cause significant pain for a child. If your child is complaining of a burning or shooting pain that radiates down to his or her leg, it may be due to a sciatic nerve issue. Read on →

Having an STD is similar to having any other common illness. The longer you wait to test and treat the problem, the worse it can become and the more likely it is to cause lasting issues for you. It also increases your chance of spreading the infection to someone else. Protecting your sexual health is a necessary part of your overall health. Getting tested regularly is important, especially when you are entering into a new relationship or changing partners. Read on →

If you have asthma, you may feel like you have a complicated relationship with exercise. You want to stay active but you also want to reduce your chance of an asthma attack whenever you can. Finding a supportive balance between the two is possible and actually easier than you think. Exercise is important for all people, but is especially important if you struggle with asthma. Consistent exercise can actually support better lung function and help reduce the severity of your symptoms. Read on →